Welcome at Le Pressoir...

In 2021, we were elected 4th best Restaurant in the Caribbean and 1st Restaurant in Saint Martin (French and Dutch side).

In 2022, we ‘ve been classified as the Best Restaurant in the Whole Caribbean. 

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A distinctive

FRENCH CUISINE with caribbean influences

At Le Pressoir you can look forward to both contemporary and creative cuisine whilst enjoying the peaceful surroundings of a 19th Century home.


Grand Case

Le Pressoir is an elegant fine dining restaurant with an emphasis on natural, sustainable food,
sourced from France and Caribbean most dedicated food producers.

All about gastronomy

A Caribbean destination in its own right, Le Pressoir, by head chef Jerome Droingt,  will offer an ambitious menu combining classic and local ingredients.

An experience for your palate

The colourful and flavoursome dishes attract guests from Saint- Martin and beyond.
The selection of dishes is constantly evolving.

Unique dining experience

Every dish is carefully created to allow for a special and unique culinary experience.


Rum Tasting

The best way to discover our wide collection of rums is to visit
“La Part des ANGES”